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“Hadhara Tanmaweah” is a purpose driven, non-profit, active establishment in the

fields of social development and social change management.

We are based in Jeddah (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) and operate world-wide.


Hadara endeavors to add value to individuals in all private, governmental and civil sectors by providing solutions that aid in the development and advancement of our society. We provide studies, research, developmental programs, courses, seminars, and content management for conferences and media mechanisms.
Our scope is wide and covers a broad range of topics that require specialization and sectoral knowledge. This is exactly why Hadara is neither a stand-alone nor a competitive establishment.
Our philosophy is based on the appreciation of the complexity of social development and our belief that a collective effort is the only way to true and comprehensive advancement. We therefore provide the ultimate expertise in each and every area of the wide spectrum we cover through an advisory board and sisters companies. Hence, we try to play a unique role by acting as an integration platform that brings together a diverse set of sister companies, experts, and partners; and combines all these elements to form a holistic view, bench-marked against international best practices yet compatible with our Islamic and cultural principles.


  • We specialize in development, not just content
  • We customize and fine tune programs to fit individual client’s needs
  • We have a proven track record and measured results
  • We always strive to reference, where needed, Islamic cultural principles